About Farm's Best


Farm's Best Food Industries Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 25 th November 1989 under companies Act, 1965. The company commenced operation in January 1996 at its 8 ½ acre site at Lot 37 & 38 Masjid Tanah Industrial estate, 78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka. The company, now a 53.04% owned subsidiary of CAB group, which is the largest poultry integrator in Malaysia. FBFI is a key company in the CAB Group's poultry integration business. The group comprises of grandparents farms, broiler parents farms, hatcheries, broiler farms, poultry abattoirs, further processing facilities, supermarket chain and retail stores.

FBFI with its four divisions principally involved in integrated poultry farming, processing and distribution of live broiler, processed chicken and further processed poultry products. FBFI's farming division's core business activities are in the production of broiler day old chicks, growing broiler chicken while the poultry processing division produces chilled and frozen chicken, chicken parts and further processed chicken such as frankfurters, nuggets, breaded fried, products meatballs, BBQ products and marinated products. The company has already established itself as the main supplier to the major ‘Quick Serve Restaurants' in the country.

The processing plant has a built-up area of over 8,000 sq. ft. with facilities for poultry processing, further processing and warehousing of frozen products. The processing layout is based on a linear flow concept which involves complete separation of clean and dirty areas to prevent cross contamination. The poultry processing line has a capacity of 4,500 birds per hour and is capable of processing 70,000 birds per day. The products are processed and stored in a temperature controlled environment to ensure product quality. They are transported to the distribution centres or customers in the Company's own fleet of dedicated refrigerated trucks.

The plant is also designed for resource recovery. It is equipped with a rendering plant to convert poultry waste like feathers, inedible offal and blood to useful offal-meal and feather-meal. Wastewater from the plant is treated in a fully automated wastewater treatment plant before discharge.

The processing plant which is ‘Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) accredited start exports frozen halal dressed chicken and further processed products to Singapore. The further processing facility has a capacity of producing 1,000 tons of value added products per month while the plant also can produce 500 tons of marinated products per month.

The "FARM'S BEST" brand for poultry and further processed products was officially launched on 5th December 1995. The products are now available at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout Malaysia. The company is also a major supplier to many food processors, hotels and restaurants. Products range from antibiotic residue-free chicken, chicken parts and boneless chicken meat, to further processed products like frankfurters, nuggets, burgers, meatballs and many more. All FARM'S BEST products are halal and veterinary inspected.


Farm’s Best Food Industries Sdn Bhd is committed to produce safe, consistent quality poultry products that add value and meet the needs of our customers by improving our efficiency through:

  • Ensuring staffs are provided with the necessary competencies;
  • Promoting a safe, organized and hygienic work environment, and
  • Continually improving the processes and standards in our Quality Management System.